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Volusia a Ford Next Generation Learning Community

August 5, 2011

Volusia County Schools were among the first in the nation to be designated Ford Next Generation Learning Communities (NGLs) and are one of only nineteen operating across the country. This honor affirms Volusia County's commitment to secondary education through their integrated reform and redesign of the school system over more than a decade.

The Ford PAS (Partnership for Advanced Studies) NGL program mobilizes educators, employers, and community leaders to create a new generation of high school graduates to be better prepared for college or their chosen careers and thus be able to compete successfully in the 21st century.
As an NGL Community, Volusia is recognized as a leader in redesigning high schools and improving the student experience primarily through the Career Academy model. Three Volusia Career Academies were pilot academies for the PAS program.

In partnership with the community, Ford PAS is improving the educational system by promoting the redesign of schools to better serve students and their families.

Liz Taylor with Volusia County Schools, is enthusiastic about the introduction of Ford PAS and said, “We feel that the Ford PAS modules will raise the rigor and the level of relevance for our students”.

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