DeBary - The Gateway to Growth!

Nestled in the natural beauty of the St. Johns River, a 350-mile long recreational amenity, DeBary offers multiple quick access points to I-4. In addition to being SunRail’s northernmost commuter rail station with one of the highest ridership of all stations, we also offer over nine City parks, two of which have been recognized by the Little League International Office, a direct connection to the Spring-to-Spring trail system, and just minutes to the beach!

Once the bedroom community of Orlando and Lake Mary, DeBary is now positioned for growth and opportunity!

Our Transit Oriented Development Overlay encompasses approximately 200 acres of railhead and trailhead opportunity. The overlay district allows for a functional integration of land use and transit; promotes a mix of residential, commercial, office and public uses within walking distance; and encourages compact land use patterns that support energy efficiency and multi-modal transportation options. 

The City of DeBary is open for business and actively working and partnering with those who wish to move forward with growth. Get in on the ground floor and don’t let the train pass you by!