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Workforce & Training

Site selection is as much about the people as it is about the place. Because of Volusia County's excellent quality of life and beautiful environment we attract a dynamic group of individuals that have chosen to live, learn and work here. And that population is continually replenished through all of our nine institutions of higher education. Here you will find a civilian labor force exceeding 250,000; a community that fosters young professionals; and training programs designed to reduce costs and keep your company operational.

Training Resources

  Quick Response Training Program (QRT) 
  An employer-driven training program designed to assist new value-added businesses and provide existing Florida businesses the necessary training for expansion. A state educational facility - community college, area technical center, school district or university - is available to assist with application and program development or delivery. The educational facility will also serve as fiscal agent for the project. The company may use in-house training, outside vendor training programs or the local educational entity to provide training. Reimbursable training expenses include: instructors'/trainers' wages, curriculum development, and textbooks/manuals. This program is customized, flexible, and responsive to individual company needs. To learn more about the QRT program, visit CareerSource Florida.
Administered by The State of Florida's CareerSource Florida.
  Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT)
  A program that provides training to currently employed workers to keep Florida's workforce competitive in a global economy and to retain existing businesses. The program is available to all Florida businesses that have been in operation for at least one year prior to application and require skills upgrade training for existing employees. Priority is given to businesses in targeted industries, Enterprise Zones, HUB Zones, Inner City Distressed areas, Rural Counties and areas, and Brownfield areas. For additional information on the IWT program, visit CareerSource Florida.
Administered by The State of Florida's CareerSource Florida.
  Employed Worker Training Program Funding Assistance Program (EWT)
  Businesses and organizations can benefit from this program, which helps employers fund training for existing employees to keep their firms and workers competitive.
Administered by The State of Florida's CareerSource Florida.
  On-The-Job Training Funding Assistance Program (OJT)
  This program assists businesses and organizations in imparting skills and credentials to a new employee. Once the employee completes training per the terms of the Training Contract, the employer may be reimbursed 50 percent of the employee’s wages for the approved training period.
Administered by The State of Florida's CareerSource Florida.

Young Professionals Groups

The mission of our local YPG is to attract and retain young professional talent to our community. As part of this mission, YPG seeks to create a platform for Young Professionals to build relationships and to develop professionally. YPG also seeks to encourage Young Professionals to become active in our community and contribute to its economic development. As a new company in Volusia, the YPG can host events geared specifically for your employees to encourage them to get connected in the community. Learn More