More than 400 manufacturers call Volusia County home. Among them are tool-and-die makers, boat builders, simulator development, medical device manufacturers, automotive and aviation component manufacturers. The transportation infrastructure is outstanding. The workforce is highly motivated. Training resources are abundant. And our colleges and universities routinely partner with local businesses on research, development and problem solving.




Founded by Manufacturers for Manufacturers in 1980, this vibrant industry organization helps connect local businesses to the information, education and the people they need to inspire leadership and achievement in Volusia County and the surrounding areas.

Among our manufacturers. The diversity of our manufacturing community is impressive. From job shops producing simple parts and components to complex products and systems used in military and aerospace applications, they are serving clients throughout Florida, across the nation and around the world, from right here in Volusia County.

About wages. Among several areas of Florida, Volusia County average manufacturing wages are affordable at $43,130, lower than Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa, Jacksonvile, Orlando and Melbourne.

Sales & Use Tax exemptions for manufacturers.  These exemptions enhance the business climate for manufacturers:

  • Machinery and equipment used by a new or expanding Florida business to    manufacture, produce or process personal tangible personal property for sale
  • Labor, parts and materials used in repair of and incorporated into machinery/equipment
  • Electricity used in the manufacturing process
  • Certain boiler fuels (including natural gas) used in the manufacturing process
  • Semiconductor, defense and space technology-based industry transactions involving manufacturing equipment
  • Machinery and equipment used predominantly in research and development
  • Labor component of research and development expenditures
  • Aircraft parts, modification, maintenance, repair or sale/lease of qualified aircraft

Training.  There are many training resources available to Volusia County manufacturers. Chief among them are training programs offered by Daytona State college Center for Business & Industry; Volusia manufacturers Association; Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership. In most cases training programs can be offered on-site. 


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