Finance and Insurance
Finance and Insurance

Emerging Finance and Insurance Cluster in Greater Daytona


Nestled in the heart of Florida lies Volusia County, an under-the-radar hub for finance and insurance companies that is primed for continued sector growth. Florida boasts the 2nd largest insurance industry in the US and is the #4 state for employment in finance and insurance, and one of the biggest reasons can be found in Volusia: Brown & Brown Inc., one of the ten largest insurance brokerages in the world, is headquartered in Daytona Beach. Numerous other home-grown firms have risen to statewide prominence from headquarters in the Greater Daytona Region, in sectors ranging from homeowners to health insurance.

Volusia County’s strategic location, lower-than-average costs, and robust talent pipeline make it an ideal alternative to Florida's more expensive and crowded major metropolitan areas. Containing one of Florida’s most convenient international airports and crisscrossed by two of the state's most vital interstate highways, Volusia County provides easy access to markets across the US, and the globe. The Greater Daytona Region enjoys lower costs of real estate, tax burden, and labor than competing regions of Florida. Volusia County’s higher education institutions offer 34 relevant degree programs, including 6 advanced degrees and even an MBA with Risk Management & Insurance concentration.

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