How Volusia County's Tax Policy Works for Your Business

How Volusia County's Tax Policy Works for Your Business

Whether you know it for Daytona Beach, NASCAR, world-class fishing and boating, top-notch nature excursions, or other reasons, it’s no secret that Volusia County in Florida is a growing and thriving locale. Here, visitors and residents alike enjoy fun in the sun, cultural experiences, exciting entertainment venues, and more. It’s yet another reason why more businesses across the country are looking to relocate to this inviting region.

Along with the mentioned items, your company can also benefit from financial perks and incentives. Now’s your opportunity to become part of major positive changes for an area that’s already known around the world as a favorite destination. Read on to discover how the tax policy in Volusia County, Florida works for your business.

Know the Details

Central Florida is an area where economists say the sales and use tax aren’t subject to sweeping changes. Among other things, that means customers are less likely to be influenced by exactly where they purchase products or patronize services. So, you won’t be in direct competition with other outlets in the same area simply over price.

In addition, when you select the ideal location in Volusia County, you’ll be easily findable to customers and clients, and they’ll be more apt to initiate repeat business. When you continue to do what’s already ingrained (keeping accurate records, taking advantage of regulations, working with financial professionals), you could see rapid growth and expansion from your relocation decision.

Reap the Benefits

In addition, Florida is already well-established to welcome companies of every size and type. Here in Volusia County, there’s no corporate income tax on subchapter S-corporations, nor on limited partnerships. No state-level property tax is assessed, and there’s no property tax on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days.

Across Florida, the absence of a state personal income tax is guaranteed by a state constitutional provision. It’s a driving factor for many residents who move to the area from other locations. In addition, when you produce or manufacture goods in Florida for export outside the state, you’ll benefit from no sales or use tax in that case. Other sales and use tax exemptions are available.

Relocate Your Business

In fact, small business owners in Volusia County, Florida pay less in tax than nearly any other state in the nation. That’s thanks in part to the reality that no state income tax is paid by partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLC),  and S-corporations. Should your business become a corporation in the future, you can still benefit from lower taxes than most other states in the country.

Now that you’ve gleaned some of the major benefits of relocating your business to the Sunshine State, you’ll be glad to know that expert advice and assistance is available to do just that. For nearly 10 years, we’ve assisted many business leaders just like you with such important decisions. Browse our website to learn more about the planning, logistics, and insight we can offer. Then, contact us today to take the first step of moving your company or organization to Volusia County, Florida.

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