5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Commercial Property

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Commercial Property

As a central location that offers charm, character, and a wealth of economic benefits, Volusia County is a top spot for business expansion. In today’s blog, we’ll show you what makes our coastal county so special—as well as a few easy steps to select the perfect site when expanding or relocating. Just read on to learn more!

Step 1: Research potential properties

Here in Volusia County, a diversity of city types, landscapes and population sizes means that there is more than one neighborhood to explore—in the west, there is lots of natural scenery (check out Tiger Bay State Forest) and historical charm, ever-present in places like the Barberville Pioneer Settlement or in the quaint, old-school streets of DeLand. Head east and you’ll find a bustling beach-loving scene, where businesses of all sorts have made their home.

The bottom line: whether your company is expanding in the region, or looking for a place to start fresh, Volusia County’s wealth of resources, benefits, and appeal to employees and collaborators alike makes it uniquely able to accommodate your needs.

Once you’ve decided to expand here, the next thing you’ll want to do is explore online, getting a closer look at the specific properties that are available and best suit your company’s needs.

In that department, we’ve got you covered. You can use the online application Volusia Sites to scout out possible locations—without ever leaving home. See where properties are available, what type of industry they can accommodate, what’s nearby, and so much more—it’s an interactive map that lets you do it all.

Step 2: Research local competitors

It’s always helpful to know your competition, especially when expanding to a new location. Who’s already in the area—and how can you strategically serve the community in even bigger ways? As you explore Volusia County, we can help provide a better idea of the sort of businesses that operate here so you can decide where (and how) to proceed.

Step 3: Get to know the available job market and workforce

Want to get a sense of the people you might be hiring? Our demographic planning tool lets you do just that. Explore your potential community by getting to know population sizes, average incomes, and more. This tool is a surefire way to start making an informed decision on finding the perfect pool of talent for your unique industry needs. 

Step 4: Research local resources

What sets Volusia County apart from the rest? Aside from our beautiful beaches and charming cities, attractive features like our low-cost tax environment and wealth of workforce training resources make this a destination conducive to a variety of business needs.

Competitive labor rates and abundant access to capital help ensure that your decision to expand here is an economic one, too. You can find more information on local resources and economic information using our Site Selection tool.

Step 5: Confirm business and employee requirements

When you work with Team Volusia, we’re here to help! As you move forward in your decision to expand to Volusia County, we can work to ensure that your potential new site suits your business and employee needs, such as housing and other resources. If they don’t exist already, we can help search for ways to get your company’s new location ready for business.

Here at Team Volusia, we’re excited to help with expansion, site selection, and every step along the way!


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