Promoting Volusia County at 30,000 feet

Promoting Volusia County at 30,000 feet

Team Volusia joins Enterprise Florida in bolstering business image

DAYTONA BEACH, FL., May 4, 2018 - Capturing the attention of business professionals in the information age is no small challenge, but reaching them in flight while the seat belt sign is on is a good way to do so. That’s why Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation decided to join Enterprise Florida and other Florida communities in publishing a 30-page section in Delta Air Lines’ Sky Magazine promoting Florida as a location for business relocation or expansion.

For the entire month of May, all seats on all Delta Air Lines flights have Delta Sky Magazine in the seat pockets. The special section cites factors that make Florida and Volusia County a preferred location for business and industry, messaging that will be available to 6,000,000 people, many of whom are traveling on business.

“The special section does a good job of presenting the business credentials of Florida and Volusia County including an interview with Keith Norden, CEO of Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation” said Dwight DuRant, PE, chairman of that organization. “The section also offers information on higher education and quality of life, two essential elements of the economic development mix, and paid homage to the state’s legendary tourism appeal.”

“Business people are easier to reach in-flight than in their offices,” said Norden, “Plus, they are likely to be more open to editorial and advertising messages while they are confined to their seats on a business trip.”

Norden was interviewed for the article and he touted Volusia County’s business resume.  He comments on some of Volusia County’s major assets, including Daytona International Speedway, its 400+manufacturers, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and more. While he acknowledged the area’s global tourism appeal, growing network of trails and enviable quality of life, he stressed reasons businesses do so well in Volusia County, such as lower operational costs and active collaboration among municipalities and economic development organizations.

The special included a Faces of Florida Business subsection, featuring six of Florida’s “business innovators”.  Norden was the only economic development professional featured among the Faces of Florida Business, which included Dr. Judy Genshaft, President of the University of South Florida and senior management people from various disciplines. Norden engineered economic development strategies in Virginia and Tampa before having been selected to do so for Volusia County. He cited teamwork and collaboration as crucial elements in any successful economic development program.  

In addition to coverage in the current edition of Sky Magazine, Team Volusia has contracted with Florida Trend, the state’s leading business publication, to publish a special section promoting Volusia County and Daytona Beach in its August edition.

For more information contact: Michael J. Jiloty, 386.295.0816


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