How Would Permanent Daylight Savings Affect Florida Businesses?

How Would Permanent Daylight Savings Affect Florida Businesses?

Americans have set their clocks forward to “spring” into Daylight Saving Time. But what if we had that extra hour of sunlight all year-round?

Senator Marco Rubio recently filed a bill, called the Sunshine Protection Act, that proposes exactly that. The idea, to make Daylight Saving Time standard and eliminate the seasonal switch altogether, leads us to wonder—how might permanent Daylight Savings affect Florida businesses? And what is the role of sunlight in a successful business?

Just read on as we explore these questions and more.

Sunlight at work

Numerous studies have pointed to improved productivity and other benefits of natural light—one, featured in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine in 2014, found that employees who worked near windows during daylight hours slept better and exercised more, two health benchmarks that can improve employees’ lives at work and home alike.

With the proposed Daylight Savings’ standardization, employees would be able to enjoy sunlight throughout the tail-end of their workday and on their commute home, even in winter (and of course, the effect would be even more pronounced in northern states). It would also benefit those who work later second shifts, as they would be able to work against the backdrop of natural daylight for the beginning of their shift.

Quality of life

Even if employees see primarily sunny skies at work already, the additional hour later on could potentially improve their quality of life—which, as many have noted, can have a positive effect on their performance at work in turn. For example, if a person is able to exercise outdoors or enjoy fresh air in their free time after work, they may enjoy a range of daylight-derived benefits—anything from better sleep to increased personal fulfillment—all of which are sure to reverberate throughout the day, including at work. 

The proponents of year-round Daylight Savings also cite the system’s ability to cut down on potential financial losses and other unwanted effects of the twice-a-year switch (such as tired or distracted employees). Every business owner knows the desire to streamline processes and minimize hiccups along the way, so the benefits of a year-round, standardized system might seem attractive in this case.

More than simple sunlight

Whatever your ultimate view of the issue may be, this proposed legislation offers businesses the opportunity to reflect on their employees’ needs, and assess ways they can improve their quality of life and achieve a positive environment at work, too. No matter the outcome of the bill, it has prompted thoughtful discussion on these important questions—and that’s always worth celebrating.

As is the case with any up-and-coming trend or potential legislation, business owners can help their employees and their bottom line by staying up-to-date and connected with current issues.

One great way to stay connected? Checking in with Team Volusia! From updates on local and national legislation, to coverage of business trends and regional developments, we’re on top of the issues that matter most to you, your employees and your industry as a whole. Call us today to learn more.

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