Living Here: Why Florida Loves the Fall

Living Here: Why Florida Loves the Fall

As the country transitions from summer to fall, Floridians are reminded of one of the biggest perks of working here: living here.

A high quality of life is an important consideration for any company when deciding where to relocate or expand. Beyond the operational side of the business, executive teams seek out environments where their employees can feel safe, secure and fulfilled. The Greater Daytona Region offers one such environment.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of expanding to the Greater Daytona Region, including a closer look at the state’s unique seasonal makeup.

Outdoor activities abound

Throughout the year, one of Florida’s most famous features is its abundance of outdoor activities—but these activities take on an entirely new meaning in fall and winter when lower temperatures provide a top environment for enjoying hiking, biking, jogging, boating and much more. As other states prepare to bundle up for the season ahead, Floridians are just starting to head outdoors and take advantage of the crisp, pleasant weather.

In addition to simply being fun for the people who call Florida “home,” these opportunities to enjoy outdoor time can be beneficial for employee well-being and business, too. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can help people de-stress, improve memory, fight fatigue and much more. When employees feel their best outside of work, they do their best at work.

A safe work environment

Not every workplace is a traditional office environment. For companies whose day-to-day operations include time outdoors, or frequent switching from in-to-outdoors, Florida offers a safe work environment—one that is not affected by traditional seasonal factors like snow or sleet. This offers employers peace of mind that they are caring for their team, all year-round.

This also results in another key benefit of Florida businesses…

Less lost time

Many residents of colder climates may be familiar with calling out of work due to icy, unnavigable roads. In Florida, where residents don’t see such drastic changes of weather, a lack of workplace access is uncommon, so employees can come and go to work safely and dependably.

The other side of Florida

For businesses considering the Greater Daytona Region as a spot to expand, visiting potential sites during the fall offers a chance to see another, less well-known side of Florida worth getting to know. The region is filled with surprises, from natural treasures to locations ready-made for your unique business needs.

For a closer look at the unique lifestyle that goes with living, working and expanding in the Greater Daytona Region, be sure to check with Team Volusia. We are the go-to source for site selection and helpful resources that can help companies choose the location that’s perfect for their needs.




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