Logistics Development Forum

Logistics Development Forum

Chris Wimsatt had the opportunity to represent Volusia County and attend the 2019 Logistics Development Forum recently held in Colorado. The 3-day Logistics Development Forum is the only conference of its kind with a focus on the importance of the supply chain and site selection process. Allowing industry leadership to facilitate a two-way dialogue between economic developers and site consultants to address the importance of logistics in a corporation's decision for a new manufacturing, distribution, and/or warehousing locations. This event brought together a phenomenal program with experienced site location consultants with extensive backgrounds in working with companies faced with logistics/supply chain/manufacturing challenges.

The Forum offered an educational component for the attendees and the unique opportunity to conduct one-on-one meetings with private sector industry leaders as well as networking opportunities to strengthen relationships in a relaxed setting. The event provided a detailed overview of the components of the site location decision process that are high priorities for companies making the siting decision. 

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