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Norden Tapped for Site Selectors Guild Conference
Norden Tapped for Site Selectors Guild Conference Team Volusia's Keith Norden was selected as a participant at the annual conference of The Site Selectors Guild, the world's foremost professional site selection consultants. Guild members provide location strategy to corporations across the globe for... Read More

Private Sector Investor Increases Cited While every investor in TVEDC is critical to the organization's success, investment from the private sector is an indicator of a good business climate. 2016 saw a signicant increase in the number of private sector TVEDC investors with 80 organization... Read More

The Road Ahead: Strategy for Success TVEDC commissioned an intensive review of the organization's approach to marketing Volusia County, including analysis of the community itself, resulting in the Strategy for Success. It is a three-year plan designed to help TVEDC maintain sharp focus ... Read More

Four Score... Area Ranks Highly Among America's Fastest Growing The Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach MSA has been named the fourth fastest growing community in the nation among Forbes Magazine's list of America's top 25 fastest growing cities (February 10, 2017 ... Read More

Staying Ahead of the Curve Exceeding Metrics is a Daily Discipline While Economic Development is alternately described as a contact sport and a team sport (both of which are true), evaluating success in economic development is a numbers game. It begins with establishing ambi... Read More

Annual Report Recounts an Incredible Year TVEDC has published its 2016 Annual Report, which summarizes the organization's work in 2016 as well as community highlights that made 2016 a year of historic signicance. The 20-page report recognizes the 2016 Leadership Team and welcomes the 2017 L... Read More

Marketing Program Outlined Successful marketing requires creative messaging and precision placement. Recommendations from Atlas Advertising, a rm that specializes in working with economic development organizations, provided a blueprint for marketing Volusia County as a host fo... Read More

Record Attendance at Annual Meeting
Record Attendance at Annual Meeting TVEDC's Annual Meeting was held as an evening event rather than a morning event. "The idea of meeting after hours was well-received," said TVEDC President and CEO Keith Norden. "In fact, more than 275 people attended the sold-out event, a signicant i... Read More

New Locations for TVEDC Board Meetings
New Locations for TVEDC Board Meetings Team Volusia Board meetings have been so well attended that they have outgrown the capacity of the Daytona 500 Room at the International Motorsports Center. While that magnicent facility has been a great place to meet, investors have suggested that m... Read More

CoreNet Annual Conference in Philadelphia
CoreNet Annual Conference in Philadelphia Chris Wimsatt attended CoreNet, which served two purposes this year. First, the conference provided an opportunity for the 4,000+ attendees to partake in networking and educational events centered around a variety of corporate real estate concerns. M... Read More

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