Inside Economix

Inside Economix

Once again, the forward-thinking Economix conference series has proven what makes it such a pivotal part of the economic development discussion.

In light of its latest event, which took place in Nashville December 5th and 6th, readers are invited to learn more about the conference, key takeaways, and the modern, hands-on way Economix works to better business in communities big and small. Take a look.

Economics, redefined

Like its name might suggest, Economix works with the goal of mixing things up. Instead of doing business as usual, the conference series encourages attendees to get engaged with new developments and industry insights, and change their leadership “recipes” accordingly. Economix encourages attendees to wear jeans as a means of promoting a creative environment, and provides opportunities for organizations to collaborate with the conference in a variety of ways.

A closer look

The conference itself centered around collaboration between consultants and other professionals in the field of economic development. In addition to discussions on the emerging trends of the field, a unique aspect of Economix was its emphasis on “office hours,” miniature, fast-paced roundtables in which attendees were able to talk firsthand with site consultants about questions or ideas they may have. The rotating aspect of these office hours, in which attendees would cycle from table to table to talk things out with new consultants, ensured that everyone had the chance to pick up key insights along the way.

Why Nashville?

Nashville is a city that has been positively impacted by economic development efforts—so Economix attendees not only got to learn from leaders in the field, but to immerse themselves in a city where its presence can be felt firsthand, too. An increased focus on parks, tech, infrastructure and air transportation is just one of the ways the Music City has proved itself a worthy case study on the strides of economic development.

Stay tuned to Team Volusia to see where Economix brings its next economic development event, and to learn more about the key ways our team can help your company.

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