Annual Report Recounts an Incredible Year

TVEDC has published its 2016 Annual Report, which summarizes the organization's work in 2016 as well as community highlights that made 2016 a year of historic signicance.

The 20-page report recognizes the 2016 Leadership Team and welcomes the 2017 Leadership Team. It opens with a comment from TVEDC's 2016 Chair, Lisa Ford Williams and includes a message from the 2017 Chair, Dwight DuRant.

The TVEDC Pipeline, which monitors activity all year long, was presented, showing 68 leads that work their way through the process and resulted in 5 projects. TVEDC's national and global initiatives were presented, as well as dozens of outreach initiatives. Fourteen major community projects were cited. Some involved TVEDC and some did not. But all add to the economic vitality of the area.

The Annual Report included a roster of investors and a look at Volusia County by the numbers, including population, land mass, transportation resources, education resources, MSA rank and more.

To see the 2016 Annual Report, contact TVEDC for a printed copy or visit or for the online version.

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