How Does Florida’s Physical Climate Impact Its Business Climate?

How Does Florida’s Physical Climate Impact Its Business Climate?

A thriving, growing economy

According to U.S. News & World Report, Florida is ranked at No. 9 in the country for its overall economy, bolstered by its No. 3 ranking for a very important attribute: growth. What does growth mean in the context of Florida’s economy? U.S. News measures this figure by considering the state’s overall migration, growth of its young population and the GDP. When it comes to people choosing to call Florida “home,” there is no doubt that the state’s sunny environment plays a large role in their decision. Offering a welcome alternative to cold winters up north, Florida’s attractive climate welcomes both new residents and seasonal visitors alike, who spend money when they arrive and, thus, contribute to the growing statewide economy. Florida’s famous physical climate also attracts talented employees who contribute to the local workforce and bring innovation and business-boosting opportunities to areas like the Greater Daytona Region.

A one-of-a-kind landscape

Florida’s unique landscape, crafted by its one-of-a-kind climate, also provide plenty of
opportunities for businesses that may be considering a move to the Greater Daytona Region. This
ranges from practical benefits—like making site selection a breeze, since you don’t need to wait
for winter to be over to visit possible locations or start construction; or the ease of finding flat,
expansive terrain on which your facility can be built—to long-term characteristics that make
employees want to work with you and your business, such as the attractive quality of life your
location provides! The Greater Daytona Region, especially, is at the prime position to foster
business relationships and commerce between not only Florida and its international neighbors,
but between Florida and the rest of the Southeast United States as well. This central location
helps businesses thrive.

Infrastructure for endless opportunities

Because of Florida’s famous climate, it is a world-renowned tourist destination for visitors all year
long. In this way, the local climate has also played a role in ensuring that there are plenty of roads
and airports serving the need of a thriving tourism scene, as well as a thriving business one!
Florida is home to some of the nation’s most-visited airports, and it is easy to travel to and from
the Greater Daytona Region for corporate events and other needs. Interstate travel from the
Greater Daytona Region to other parts of the state, such as Miami, Orlando or Jacksonville, is also
extremely convenient, so your company truly has the opportunity to serve state, national and
international needs.

When it comes to climate, Florida has plenty to offer in terms of its physical space and business
opportunities, too. Contact Team Volusia to learn more about the benefits of expanding here

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