Hurricane Season Preparation with FPL

Hurricane Season Preparation with FPL

Good Afternoon,

As you may be aware, today is the official start of hurricane season. This year the experts have predicted an active season and the pandemic has made our preparation even more challenging, but we’re ready!!!

The safety of our customers, employees and contractors will be our number 1 priority! The pandemic has forced to forgo some of our normal storm restoration operations and now we must create smaller staging areas and find additional locations to house and feed our foreign crews. For their safety, we cannot fully utilize large staging areas as we must prevent the spread of the virus to our workforce. In addition, we must also consider the health of our executives and EOC personnel and continue to attempt to operate remotely as we have done during this pandemic.

In preparation for Hurricane Dorian last year, we had 17,000 employees and contractors prepared to respond to any outages. We may not be able to secure the same number of contractors which could result in the possibility of longer outages but please be advised that we have invested $5 billion in our hardening of our grid since 2006 to make it more storm resilient! We will work around the clock to restore power until every customer account has been restored. My personal commitment to you as your chamber partner is that I will be keeping you updated so you in turn can keep your members advised with the latest information.

Now is the time for all of us to develop our personal and business plans (including an evacuation plan) so we don’t have to deal with food or fuel shortages just days prior to the arrival of a storm!!

For further details, I refer you to this article printed in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, from Eric Silagy, our FPL President: FPL  prepares  for  a  potential  double  crisis:  Hurricane  season  and  COVID-19 | Opinion

Stay safe, prepared & healthy!

Thank you

Linda Webster - Dubea | EA Manager 

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