Inside the IAMC Fall Professional Forum

Inside the IAMC Fall Professional Forum

What goes into a modern Manufacturing Renaissance?

As today’s businesses work to navigate the fields of energy, emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and other promising new trends, the Industrial Asset Management Council is here to help figure it all out.

The IAMC Fall Professional Forum in Philadelphia, which begins September 15th, is an exciting opportunity for business leaders to come together and learn about innovations in corporate real estate—from the very professionals who are spearheading those innovations in their respective industries.

Take a look below to learn about the IAMC and a few key highlights to look forward to at this year’s event.

Inside the “Manufacturing Renaissance”

The theme dominating this year’s forum is what the IAMC calls a “Manufacturing Renaissance.”

It’s an appropriate term to describe the level of changes happening in the field today. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and exciting energy sources are closer than companies may think—and they have the power to fundamentally change the way business is done.

And in light of these new developments, today’s businesses are still tasked with familiar needs: managing the C-Suite, selecting sites, overseeing construction and working on a global scale. A balance of exploring up-and-coming trends, while ensuring successful everyday operations, too, is a key idea behind the IAMC and its upcoming forum.

IAMC (International Asset Management Council) was created in 2002 as a venue for corporate end users and decision makers to gather for innovated practices in corporate real estate with a focus on manufacturing.   In addition to these decision makers, limited numbers of service providers and economic development organizations are admitted to IAMC membership.  Typically, one-third of the forum attendees are corporate real estate executives, one third service providers and one-third economic development professionals allowing for easy access and quality discussion.

On Monday, September 17, Team Volusia EDC will join senior executives from Enterprise Florida and other Team Florida Partners from across the State to host 14 top site location consultants at a private dinner in Philadelphia as part of our ongoing outreach to this important group of influencers for site locations.

Team Volusia’s President & CEO, Keith Norden, will be attending the IAMC Fall Professional Forum in Philadelphia.  He has been an active member of IAMC since 2002 and was awarded the IAMC Fellow designation in April 2018.  Currently, there are 150 IAMC Fellows worldwide who are leaders in their respective fields.

Key event highlights

Attendees will have a wide array of workshops, receptions and networking opportunities to choose from. A few key event highlights include:

- The Accountable Leader, a development program led by Sam Silverstein (founder and CEO of Sam Silverstein, Inc.) that will focus on strategies that help leaders effectively lead their teams with authority, responsibility and accountability.

- Keynote Speaker Nancy Giordano, a strategic futurist and corporate strategist who will explore the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and other emerging technologies—and how they pertain to businesses of today and tomorrow.

More than manufacturing?

The world of manufacturing and corporate real estate is changing every day—and with the help of the IAMC’s forum, tools and resources for professionals, navigating that change is an exciting opportunity.

Be sure to follow Team Volusia to stay up-to-date with forthcoming trends in manufacturing, asset management and more, in the Greater Daytona Region and beyond. 


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