Staying Ahead of the Curve

Exceeding Metrics is a Daily Discipline

While Economic Development is alternately described as a contact sport and a team sport (both of which are true), evaluating success in economic development is a numbers game.

It begins with establishing ambitious but realistic goals. It ends with the simple question, "how did we do". As reported in TVEDC's Annual Report, the answer to that question is encouraging. There are many metrics against which TVEDC's success can be measured, including the following:

  • Job creation goal: 236-394
  • Job creation actual: 275
  • Payroll generation goal: $5.9mm – $14.1mm
  • Payroll generation actual: $38.4mm
  • Outreach initiative goal: 26
  • Outreach initiative actual: 31
  • Site visits goal: 15
  • Site visits actual: 58
  • Marketing packages goal: 50
  • Marketing packages actual: 71
  • Pre-arranged meeting goal: 36
  • Pre-arranged meeting actual: 49

Five project results were included, representing 275 jobs and capital investment of $38,490. Also cited was the overall TVEDC economic impact for 2016, which was $132,651,073, and 458 direct and indirect jobs created.

These results and other factors provide a solid foundation for our work in 2017 and beyond. Of course, we appreciate the support of our collaborators, including Volusia County Economic Development, the CEO Business Alliance, municipal economic development professionals, the business community and of course, our investors.

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