Keeping Summer Afloat: A Closer Look at Boating Brands in the Greater Daytona Region

Keeping Summer Afloat: A Closer Look at Boating Brands in the Greater Daytona Region

With our area’s beautiful waterways, perhaps it is no surprise that several of the Greater Daytona Region’s largest employers are boat manufacturers. During COVID-19 and beyond, these brands have been hard at work serving their communities and helping us look ahead toward a return of family fun and outdoor adventure.

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Boat brands making waves as Volusia County’s largest employers

Boat manufacturers form a sizeable portion of Volusia County’s employers—and it is easy to see why. What better place to house a company dedicated to outdoor fun and on-the-water thrills than the Sunshine State, and specifically the Greater Daytona Region, where a variety of cruising landscapes (from river systems to the great ocean itself) abound as a beautiful backdrop?

These major players include: Boston Whaler with 750 employees as of July 2017; Everglades Boats with 189 employees; and EdgeWater Boats with 105 employees. Not only do these manufacturers employ local professionals in a big way—but they also help to define the Greater Daytona Region as a top place to bring boating business of all types.

Serving the community during COVID-19

The importance of boat manufacturers is universally acknowledged in the Greater Daytona Region, but perhaps never more than this season specifically—when a mix of summertime and social distancing called for outdoor activities that could be enjoyed solo or as a family, without putting people too close to each other as they enjoy their summer adventures.

Many of these adventures are, undoubtedly, fueled by boats built in the Greater Daytona Region—but even as manufacturers like Boston Whaler temporarily paused operations in light of COVID-19, they still helped serve their communities beyond the realm of boating. The Brunswick Corporation’s upholsterers in nearby Sykes Creek, for example, spent part of the last season crafting masks to help its employees return to work safely (in addition to donating previously purchased masks to the community’s healthcare workers and first responders, according to Click Orlando).

Promoting a pursuit of socially distant fun

As the Greater Daytona Region (and the country as a whole) eagerly looks ahead toward a return of treasured pastimes and routine parts of life, boating is one activity that families need not wait long to enjoy. As Boston Whaler advises through its website, this classic sport can be still be experienced safely when boaters and families follow local and state guidelines on (and during their trip to) the water. After all, angling and cruising allow one unparalleled space on the water, room to move around and soak up the sunshine without getting close to their fellow boaters.

During this summer of social distancing and long into the future, the Greater Daytona Region’s boat manufacturers will continue to play a pivotal role in the local economy.

To learn more about this industry and the others that shape the Greater Daytona Region, stay tuned to Team Volusia. We are the region’s premier source for industry trends, site selection support, talent sourcing, investment opportunities and all the tools needed for growing or relocating businesses to call the area “home.”

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