The Importance of National Family Fun Month in the Greater Daytona Region

The Importance of National Family Fun Month in the Greater Daytona Region

August is National Family Fun Month, so all eyes are on family-friendly activities, outdoor destinations and spaces that spur fun with loved ones.

The Greater Daytona Region is filled with attractions like these—but our beaches, parks, museums, malls and more are not just perks for local fun-seekers. They actively contribute to a culture and quality of life that make the region an especially attractive place to live and work! Just read on to learn more about the important economic role that fun plays in the Greater Daytona Region.

Fun by the water…

One of the most famous, family-friendly attractions in the Greater Daytona Region is the feature that puts the “beach” in “Daytona Beach.” This is, of course, our famous waterfront. Time spent by the sand, sun and surf is a great way to get the family together—plus, because there are so many miles of shoreline to enjoy throughout the region, time by the water is extremely accessible for families working to manage after-school and work schedules.

… and in the shade

In addition to its sunny stretches of sand, the Greater Daytona Region boasts a wealth of verdant parks farther inland. These are perfect for family picnics, games of catch, frisbee fun and more. (Certain parks even offer access to furry, four-legged members of the family—just check before you go!) When members of a community are able to enjoy plenty of fresh air and outdoor time in beautiful, active settings, it is easier for them to feel connected to their communities and, of course, their work.

Year-round outdoor fun

Not only does the Greater Daytona Region boast an abundance of outdoor spaces, but it also features the ability to enjoy these spaces throughout the year—which is not something that can be said for many places throughout the country! From the height of summer to the midst of winter, your employees and their families can easily enjoy the region’s varied landscape any day of the week.

Bustling attractions

The Greater Daytona Region is regularly welcoming new family-friendly attractions. The recent development of One Daytona, for example, is just one such destination, home to restaurants and exciting venues like GameTime, which features classic arcade fun the entire family can enjoy together.

Cultural opportunities

From the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, to the Lyonia Environmental Center, to the Museum of Arts & Sciences, the Greater Daytona Region is filled with opportunities for cultural and natural education.

A legacy of racing

It is no secret that the Greater Daytona Region is known worldwide for its legacy of racing. The Daytona International Speedway is not just a key economic contributor to the region; it features fun for the family, too, in the form of tours, races and other events that occur all year long. You can also explore the birthplace of NASCAR at the recently renovated Streamline Hotel, the only rooftop hotel in Daytona Beach Shores, or check out more history and memorabilia at Racing's North Turn restaurant.

How family fun makes for a stronger economy

Earlier this summer, the Harvard Business Review published an article praising the power of personal relationships (such as those with the family) to affect our positivity at work. Simply put, employees who feel engaged with their loved ones and social ties beyond work, tend to carry that mindset to work with them—resulting, no doubt, in better performance and improved personal fulfillment. This is good news for employers and employees alike!

The Greater Daytona Region is known for its appealing quality of life, with plenty of opportunities for fun and family well-being beyond the workday. To learn more about the local lifestyle, and how it can attract (and retain) top-tier talent, visit our Living Here page, and stay tuned to our newsroom for a closer look at the developments that continue to make the Greater Daytona Region a one-of-a-kind location for expanding companies.

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