How Does a Central Location Benefit Businesses in the Greater Daytona Region?

How Does a Central Location Benefit Businesses in the Greater Daytona Region?

The Greater Daytona Region is known for its central location, an accessible position not only for Florida commerce but exchange between the Southeast and Caribbean, too. How does this unique position help area businesses excel, and shape the Greater Daytona Region’s unique culture and lifestyle? Just read on to learn more.

Access to multiple markets…

If your firm is looking for opportunities to serve new, diverse or growing markets, you are not alone. According to economic development consultant Sharon K. Ward for Entrepreneur, “the desire to reach new markets” is one of five key reasons companies make the decision to move (in addition to workforce considerations, infrastructure upgrades, lower costs and quality of life). The Greater Daytona Region is defined by its unique market potential, its population comprising everyone from retirees to young professionals just moving to the area. According to U.S. News & World Report, the city of Daytona Beach has a net migration index of 9.1, representing a healthy influx of people eager to call the area “home.”

Headquartering or expanding in the Greater Daytona Region also gives companies unmatched access to nearby markets in the American Southeast, such as Atlanta (a brief flight away from Daytona Beach), as well as South Florida and the Caribbean.

… and diverse industries, too

Located at the heart of Florida, the Greater Daytona Region serves as a central player in many of the state’s most important industries—such as manufacturing, aviation and aerospace (the region even serves as the northern tip of Florida’s “Space Triangle,” a thriving exchange of research and commercial space endeavors).

Effortless transportation

When making the decision of where to grow or establish a headquarters, firms may base their choice in large part on the ease of transportation in a given area. In the Greater Daytona Region, a wealth of transportation options that serve the centrally located metropolitan area—such as Interstates 4 and 95, a variety of commuter and commercial rail options, several airports and convenient port options up and down the coast—give companies the connection they need to do business, whether they are delivering goods or ensuring that employees can get to work with ease.

An attractive place to call “home”

Considering a corporate move? The Greater Daytona Region’s central location makes it a top spot to call “home.” Employers can enjoy the benefits of the area’s high quality of life and ability to attract top talent from across the state and country, moving in search of the area’s top colleges (Florida is ranked No. 1 for higher education in the United States, with many of its most renowned educational opportunities located in the Greater Daytona Region), a blend of beach and wooded landscapes, arts, culture and more.

When business relocate or expand to the Greater Daytona Region, they are equipped to thrive. Team Volusia can help take your firm a step further by helping you select the ideal site for your specific industry needs. Just contact us today to learn more. We look forward to working with you on your search for the perfect corporate location.

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