5 Key Steps to Take While Considering a Corporate Move to the Greater Daytona Region

5 Key Steps to Take While Considering a Corporate Move to the Greater Daytona Region

Find out about finances

Any corporate expansion should make economic sense, so businesses will naturally want to learn
about the local economy before calling a new region “home.” While our professionals at Team
Volusia can help guide you with extensive data, here are a few at-a-glance facts to keep in mind:Florida’s lack of personal income tax makes it unique (only seven states share this trait)
and attractive to those who decide to live and work here.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Florida No. 7 in terms of GDP growth.
- Economic incentives abound at both the state and local level. In Volusia County, for example, Community Redevelopment Areas (CRA) focus on economic revitalization in specific industries that may pertain to your business.

Consider how to meet your talent needs

Economic growth does not happen in a vacuum—instead, it is largely intertwined with the
workforce and talent opportunities that exist within a given area. In the Greater Daytona Region,

for example, local universities, colleges and technical schools give students the training they need
to succeed in a modern workplace. Plus, the Greater Daytona Region is constantly connecting with
other educational hubs throughout the state—for example, the University of Central Florida (one
of the country’s largest schools) is more accessible than ever thanks to the University of Central
Florida Daytona Beach location. Meanwhile, access to the school’s main campus is just about an
hour’s drive away from many Greater Daytona Region cities. At Team Volusia, we will help further
your talent search by highlighting key strengths and programs at local schools, so you have a
better understanding of how your corporate needs may be met.

Meet the neighbors

Just like those purchasing a new home, companies considering a move may want to get to know
their potential “new neighbors.” In this case, that would be the industries that are already thriving
in the Greater Daytona Region, so that you can gain a better understanding of potential
partnerships that exist throughout the area. Key industries in the Greater Daytona Region include
advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, distribution and many more.

Learn about living here

Because your company will likely want to operate in a place that has a fulfilled, well-engaged
workforce, quality of life is another key consideration. In the Greater Daytona Region, recreational
opportunities in the form of beautiful beaches, expansive parks and plenty of world-class
shopping and dining opportunities such as those found at One Daytona are all sure to attract new
talent to the area. Additionally, according to U.S. News & World Report, Florida is the No. 9 state
for its young population growth, so it is an increasingly popular place for young members of the
workforce (defined by U.S. News as 25- to 29-year-olds) to call “home.”

Select the perfect site for your unique needs

In addition to providing you with helpful background information and demographic data, Team
Volusia is here to assist with you finding the perfect site for your company’s unique needs. With so
many unique landscapes and communities across the Greater Daytona Region, we will put our
local connections and area savvy to work as we seek out the ideal destination.
We hope that today’s guide helps companies in their search for the perfect place in the Greater
Daytona Region to call “home.” Be sure to call Team Volusia today for more in-depth information
about our area, economic opportunities and overall quality of life the region is known for! We look
forward to helping you soon.

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