Training for a Multi-Skilled Trade

Training for a Multi-Skilled Trade

For the modern, high-tech jobs of today and tomorrow, employers need a workforce that is eager, savvy and multi-skilled. Students in the Greater Daytona Region are ready to heed the call.

Read on to learn more about the innovative programs that connect local students with hands-on training for modern jobs—jobs that will continue to grow in number as businesses expand to make the region their home. Take a look.

The college connection

One of the strongest ways to foster a skilled, well-trained workforce? The Greater Daytona Region found that connecting college programs with real-world experience is one especially effective option.

B. Braun, a new addition to Daytona Beach that specializes in medical device manufacturing, partnered up with the Daytona State College Center for Business and Industry to train people directly for the skill-intensive jobs B. Braun has to offer. Stetson University is another local school that makes the most of local manufacturing connections, pairing students in its Prince Entrepreneurship Leaders program with real-world industry leaders, experts and service providers to learn and forge meaningful connections at the same time.

In the 2017-2018 school year, Volusia County students were issued education completions (diplomas, degrees, credentials, etc.) for a variety of practical fields, including digital technology (1,260 completions), business & economics (1,241 completions) and engineering, science & mathematics (1,107 completions), signifying that area students are prepared to handle the high-tech demands of tomorrow’s jobs.

Starting out early

Of course, in the Greater Daytona Region, job preparedness begins long before college. Across Volusia County alone, for example, there are 41 high-school academies (and many middle-school pre-academies) devoted to helping students learn the skills they need to land high-wage jobs right here in the region.

A national gem

These pre-career measures may seem obvious, but they are unique to Florida and the Greater Daytona Region in many ways. In fact, Florida was ranked number-four in the nation for high-tech employment by CompTIA—and according to Site Selection Magazine, that is a direct result of modern training programs across the state that prepare students for the high-wage, high-skilled jobs that await them beyond graduation.

As today’s students prepare to enter tomorrow’s workforce, businesses in the Greater Daytona Region can be more confident than ever that they have the best team for the job. Keep up with Team Volusia as we continue to highlight the academic and occupational strides being made throughout the region.

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