Get to Know the Southeast U.S./Japan Association

Get to Know the Southeast U.S./Japan Association

For companies that begin or expand in the Greater Daytona Region, Florida may serve as “home base”—but international connections call for an international approach.

This is where the Southeast U.S./Japan Association comes in. The organization, founded in 1975, offers a way for both private and public-sector residents in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia to develop international business and cultural ties with Japan.

The Florida delegation of SEUS/Japan, specifically, is a premier public-private organization, tasked with promoting collaboration between Japan and the Sunshine State. This year, the 41st Annual Southeast U.S./Japan Joint Meeting brings the topic of economic development and international trade to Tokyo, Japan—and the event which starts October 18th is set to offer an insightful look at Florida’s place in the field of international trade.

Read on as we highlight some of the event’s key features.

Setting the stage

One of the most unique features of this year’s joint meeting is its location. Each meeting offers attendees the chance to learn more about the status of the Japanese economy—but hosting this year’s event in Tokyo adds another dimension to the experience, allowing attendees a firsthand look at the country’s culture, how it operates, and how it can complement the makeup of Florida and the rest of the Southeast representatives.

What’s new?

In addition to setting the stage for world economic (and cultural) exchange in a meaningful, firsthand environment, this year’s joint meeting will feature a comprehensive look at trends and developments that are on the rise in the field.

Programs include panels on trade and investment, as well as current trends. There will also be opportunities for attendees to learn from Japan’s top businesses in real time, as well as a Florida Business Seminar Program that will offer key insights into the state’s economic opportunities.


As is the case with any successful meeting, a key part of this event is networking. The SEUS/Japan joint meeting offers ample opportunities to get to know peers in the industry from all over Florida, Southeast and the globe. Attendees will be able to attend a golf tournament, as well as participate in tours, dinners, receptions and entertainment offerings that lend themselves to a network-friendly environment—perfect for making connections on a global stage.

Currently, Keith Norden serves as the Chairman of the Florida Delegation of the Southeast U.S./Japan Association. This partnership between the seven Southeastern U.S. States and Japan has already produced significant benefit to all parties. In fact, well over 1000 Japanese companies have established operations in the Southeast U.S. region since the establishment of the Southeast U.S./Japan Association and the Annual Joint Meeting program in 1975.  Japan has in recent years ranked as the largest foreign direct investor in Florida in terms of property, plant and equipment capital stock: according to the Consulate General of Japan in Miami, over $9 billion to date.  Trade between Florida and Japan reached approximately $7.25 billion as of $2017.  According to the Japanese Consulate in Miami, there are approximately 200 Japanese companies operating in Florida employing over 25,000 jobs for Floridians throughout 500 locations across the state. 

Growing companies can always benefit from a balance of local and global perspective—and this year’s joint meeting is one way to attain exactly that. Remember to check with Team Volusia for insights and updates from this meeting and many events to come.

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