What Are the Top 3 Industries in Volusia?

What Are the Top 3 Industries in Volusia?

Volusia County is a section of southeast Florida that has been showing consistent growth over several years. The region has something to offer everyone, from tourists to retirees. 

While this means that virtually every industry experiences growth in this part of Florida, there are some industries that perform exceptionally well. By taking a closer look at these industries, you can determine whether this is the ideal environment for your commercial real estate development or business startup.

1. Aviation and Aerospace Play a Major Role in Volusia Economic Development

Southeast Florida has become the unofficial mecca for the aviation and aerospace industry. The establishment of the Kennedy Space Center has helped jumpstart Volusia County’s importance in air and space travel. The area is also home to Cecil Spaceport and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. 

While space exploration is an important endeavor, commercial aviation has done more for the economic development in Florida. Throughout the state, there are 120 publicly used airports and an additional 20 airports that are used for transporting commercial products. 

These facilities help transport people and products from all over the country and from international locations, creating a consistent influx of spending that boosts the Volusia economy.

2. Green Technology Drives Southeast Florida’s Economy

The modern economy in Volusia County is also bolstered by the development, manufacturing, and use of green technology. This technology is created to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve limited resources, and protect the environment on a large scale. 

As more people look for ways to live eco-friendly lives, the green technology industry will continue to grow. 

Green technology includes everything from helping people use less energy to finding innovative ways to clean our oceans, lands, and air. Southeast Florida is especially advantageous for this industry since it’s surrounded by the ocean, marshes, and other wetlands.

Its moderate weather also makes it ideal for developing solar energy systems and other sources of renewable or clean energy.

3. Finance and Insurance Thrive in Southeast Florida

The financial sector thrives in southeast Florida, making the state the third most popular home to financial and insurance corporations in the country. Volusia economic development relies heavily on the presence of financial services and insurance providers since these services draw investors to the region.  

You can find hedge fund managers, financial advisors, homeowner’s insurance providers, and many other services related to the financial industry in this region. 

Many national firms make their headquarters in and around Volusia County. This hub brings commerce from all over the country while providing convenience to residents in the local southeast Florida community. 

In addition to the strong local economy in Volusia County, the state offers an attractive 5.5% corporate tax rate that keeps businesses in the financial sector coming to Florida.

Even though you may have an interest in an industry or field that hasn’t been mentioned here, your development project or business idea may still perform well in Volusia County. In addition to these industries, there are many more that perform almost as well. 

Before you alter your plans, conduct some research to learn more about the businesses that thrive in Volusia County.

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