Back to School in the Greater Daytona Region

Back to School in the Greater Daytona Region

From high school to vocational school, university and everywhere in between, students in the Greater Daytona Region are learning the skills they need to thrive in the modern economy. And that’s something local industries can celebrate!

In honor of back-to-school season, take a look at some of the facts and figures behind the Greater Daytona Region’s across-the-board commitment to education in all its forms. Just read on to learn more.

60+ career and technical education programs

The Greater Daytona Region is known for its nationally renowned higher education opportunities—but for much of the region’s workforce, those opportunities happen well before high school graduation! In Volusia County alone, public schools offer 6th-12th-grade students more than 60 career and technical educational programs through innovative career academies. Students are able to pursue their interests and gain valuable insights into modern industries through programs such as aerospace technologies, digital video technology, manufacturing, engineering and many more. By the time they enter their chosen workforce, university or vocational program, students are equipped with specialized knowledge that gives them a meaningful advantage.

A Central Florida connection

Companies are drawn to the Greater Daytona Region due, in large part, to the area’s prime location. Easy access to cities along the coast, as well as those located inland, simplifies the process of networking, working with retailers and attracting regional talent (to name just a few perks). One example of the region’s optimal location is its UCF Connect Daytona Beach Center, which merges the Greater Daytona Region with the academic resources of one of the country’s largest universities.

Excellence at Embry-Riddle

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is renowned across the country for its excellence its in the fields of aviation and aerospace—and this back-to-school season, it is welcoming its largest freshman class in history at nearly 2,000 students (as well as its largest overall enrollment at 7,000 students). The result? More students than ever will be receiving the world-class education Embry-Riddle is known for, soon entering the workforce with all the skills and insights that education entails.

Graduates of Embry-Riddle go onto pursue a wide variety of careers in many different industries. Seven alumni, in fact, are current or former astronauts!

Tech-savvy training

In addition to traditional universities, students in the Greater Daytona Region are able to take advantage of professional opportunities in the form of postsecondary adult vocational programs at Daytona State College, Embry-Riddle’s short-course aviation programs, technological training at the Advanced Technology College, and much more.

#1 state for higher education

The Greater Daytona Region’s educational opportunities stand out from an already-excellent statewide backdrop. Florida is, overall, the #1 state for higher education according to U.S. News & World Report; this ranking encompasses achievements such as Florida’s excellent college graduation rate, low student debt, low tuition and fees, and other factors.

The Greater Daytona’s thriving talent pool continues to grow every year thanks, in large part, to the impact of local schools of all sorts, from traditional universities to innovative vocational programs. Contact Team Volusia today to learn more about the region’s well-equipped workforce, and how it can help benefit businesses who choose to expand here. 

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